Oh Colorful India!


Viva la Primavera…Viva Holi!!!


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Culturally, India is a diverse mosaic of religion, tradition, and geographic influences, but the overall use of color across cultures stands out as a unifying representation of the country.

colors of indiaVibrant color is pervasive in all aspects of Indian life; in fact, India is sometimes referred to as the land of colors. There is even a festival of colors, Holi, an annual tradition to mark the onset of spring, characterized by the joyful throwing of colored powders and water on people.

Working with the re-purposed Indian saris brings me joy, in part because of the dynamic and diverse fabric colors.

Just as I was curious about the symbols woven in silk fabrics, I also was curious about color meanings in India. In part this comes from the special nature of working with garments that hold another woman’s energy (fodder for a future blog). Hence, I embarked on another info quest.


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